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    Basic Liquid Epoxy Resin

    Basic Liquid Epoxy Resin

    Product Overview

    Basic liquid epoxy resin has good physical and chemical properties. It has excellent bond strength with the surface of metal and non-metallic materials, and is featured by good dielectric properties, small hardening shrinkage, good product size stability, high hardness, good flexibility, and good stability against alkali and most solvents.

    Our company adopts whole-process automation control for basic liquid epoxy resin production, precisely adjust the water and PH values in the system. The product quality is stable, which has reached the domestic advanced level; at the same time, continuous reaction and post-processing technology are used to achieve simple process, high utilization, and thus to minimize material consumptions and achieve continuous and large-scale production of liquid epoxy resins.

    We now have the following basic liquid epoxy resins: RF828, RF827, RF826.


    Product Uses

    Mainly used for pouring, impregnation, laminatedmaterials, bonders, coatings and so on.

    Features Indicators

    Grade EEW
    ( g/eq )
    Viscosity @
    RF 827 176 ~ 184 5260 ~ 5555 8.0 ~ 11.0 Max. 50 Max. 500 Standard
    RF 828 184 ~ 194 5260 ~ 5420 11.0 ~ 15.0 Max. 50 Max. 1000
    RF 826 210 ~ 240 4170 ~ 4760 Max. 50 Max. 800 Semi-Solid

    -Optical Brighteners
    -UV Absorbers
    -Photo Initiators
    - Fuel Oil Additives
    -Polymerization Inhibitors
    -Thermal Paper Materials
    -Organometallic Chemicals
    -Other Chemicals
        Heat transfer fluid
    -M/DBT Dielectric Oil
    -PEPE Dielectric Oil
    -m-Toluic acid
    -p-Toluic acid
    -Sodium Ethoxide
    -Thiophene-2,5-dicarboxylic acid
    -Diethyl Oxalate
    -o-Toluic acid
    -4-tert-Butylbenzoic acid
    -4-methylbenzene methanol
    -p-Toluoyl Chloride
    -Benzaldehyde-2-sulfonic acid sodium

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