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    Product Name: Lubricity Improver or Anti-wear Agent for Diesel Oil

    Model Number: FR1204
     Type: Polymer modified aliphatic ester


    it is mainly compsoed of polymer modified aliphatic ester, it have a long alkyl chain, carboxyl group and unsatured double bond, it natively exhibits excellent antiwear performance:

    Main Functions:

    1) Improvde the lubricity of the diesel oil and reduce the part abrasion of vehicles.

    2) Have excellent sensitivity on the diesel oils, don't have bad influences on the cleanability and low temperaure fluidity of diesel oil.

    3) Anti-corrosion performance.

    4) No reaction with Diesel oil, engine oil and additives.

    5) do not have ash contents and don't comprise hramful substance like sukfur and phosphor.

    Completely compatible with the materails of engine and fuel system.

    Antiwear Mechanism:

    Due to the formation of absorption film of the polar group on the metal surface, so it performs excellent antiwear property. the long unsatured carbon chain presents good compatibility with diesel oil. the tribofilm result in excellent antiwear performance.


    it perform perfect during those tests below:

    High frequency reciprocating rig(HFFR)test

    Innocuousness Test

    Material compatible test

    Demulsification Test

    Compatibility Test

    Foaming Resistance Test

    Stability Test

    Dosage: the recommended dosage is 80-300mg/kg, the specific dosage depends on the lubicity and susceptibility of base diesel oil and the user's requirement.

    Packaging&Storage: 200L bareel(net 180kgs), it should be store in coll, dry and well ventilation place.

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