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    Product Name: 2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate
    Trade Name: 2-EHN

    CAS No: 27247-96-7


    Diesel hexadecane value is the ignition performance of a reflection of the diesel engine combustion. Hexadecane value is too low, may extend the diesel fuel in the combustion chamber, serious when it is detonation, which can make the engine power decrease, abrasion, rising oil consumption, smoke. It is environmental protection. this material have high purity and can effectively improve diesel cetane number, improve hexadecane start-up performance and improve diesel combustion performance.

    Unit Index
    Appearance No color or pale yellow liquid
    Purity %(m/m) ≥99.0
    Density(20℃) kg/m3 960~970
    Viscosity(20℃) mm2/s 1.70~1.80
    Flash point ≥76
    Water content %(m/m) ≤0.05
    Acidity mg KOH/100 ml ≤3

    ☆ Will not change technical standard on Diesel oil Oxide stability
    ☆ Obvious cetane increase: use small dosage can increase high cetane points (especially on re-processing diesel oil). Can increase 3-12 points by adding 200-2000ppm additive.
    ☆ Reduce environmental pollutant, save fuel oil: Cetane Improver will enhance complete burning of diesel oil reduce tail gas release, save fuel oil.
    ☆Optimize vehicle operation: Cetane Improver can improve fuel oil burning performance, shorten pre-heating period, improve start-up function at low temperature, increase dynamics.

    ☆ Recommend dosage: 250-2000ppm (cetane improve effects various as to different fuel oil. Should base on actual data prior to usage)
    ☆ In refinery blending work shop, directly added into finished oil with fixed ratio taken from calculation pump.

    Package and storage
    200L Iron barrel, drum net in 180kg or bulk in ISO tank.

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