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    Other Name: 2-methyl-4,6-bis(octylsulfanylmethyl) phenol

    CAS No: 110553-27-0 

    Molecular Formula: C25H44OS2  

    Package: 200kg/drum 

    Structural Formula:


    Appearance: low-viscosity yellow liquid or solid

    Density(20°C): 0.975-0.980g/cm?

    Viscosity(20°C): 80-90mPa.s

    Assay: 98%min

    Melting Point: 20°C

    Characterization: Antioxidant 1520 is a multifunctional liquid phenolic antioxidant for organic substrates such as elastomers, plastics, adhesives, sealants, oils and lubricants. It effectively protects the substrate against thermo-oxidative degradation during processing and long-term heat aging. Antioxidant 1520 is nonstaining, non-discoloring, low in volatility, and stable to light and heat. Antioxidant 1520 is specially recommended for emulsion and solution polymerized elastomers, such as BR, SBR, NBR, SBS and others.  

    Application: Antioxidant 1520 is an effective thermo-oxidative stabilizer in a wide range of solution polymerized, emulsion polymerized and thermoplastic elastomers including: BR, SBR, NBR, IR, SBS, and SIS as well as natural rubber. The antioxidant is effective both as a raw elastomer and compound stabilizer. It is also effective in various adhesive and sealant applications and latex applications. Antioxidant 1520 is not recommended for odor sensitive hot melt adhesives or their raw materials.


    -Optical Brighteners
    -UV Absorbers
    -Photo Initiators
    - Fuel Oil Additives
    -Polymerization Inhibitors
    -Thermal Paper Materials
    -Organometallic Chemicals
    -Other Chemicals
        Heat transfer fluid
    -M/DBT Dielectric Oil
    -PEPE Dielectric Oil
    -m-Toluic acid
    -p-Toluic acid
    -Sodium Ethoxide
    -Thiophene-2,5-dicarboxylic acid
    -Diethyl Oxalate
    -o-Toluic acid
    -4-tert-Butylbenzoic acid
    -4-methylbenzene methanol
    -p-Toluoyl Chloride
    -Benzaldehyde-2-sulfonic acid sodium
    -4-Formyl Benzoic Acid
    -4-Benzyloxycinnamic acid
    -4-tert-Butylbenzoic acid
    -3,4-Dihydroxybenzoic acid
    -4,4'-Dihydroxy benzophenone
    -4-Fluorocinnamic acid
    -Sulfobutyl Ether-β-cyclodextrin
    -2-Iodobenzoic acid
    -Isophthaloyl dichloride
    -Terephthaloyl Dichloride
    -o-Toluoyl Chloride
    -m-Toluoyl Chloride
    -2,4-Dichloro benzonitrile
    -Nitrogen trifluoride
    -2-Bromophenyl Methyl Sulfide
    -2-Bromophenyl Methyl Sulfone
    -Hydroxypropyl beta Cyclodextrin
    -2-Chloro-5-nitro benzoic acid
    -5-chloro-2-methyl aniline
    -4,4'-Bis(methoxymethyl)- 1,1'-Biphenyl
    -Biphenyl-4,4'-dicarboxylic Acid
    -4-Biphenyl acetic Acid
    -4-Hydroxy-(1,1'-biphenyl)-4'-carboxylic acid
    -4-Phenylbenzoic acid
    -Dimethyl 5-sulfoisophthalate sodium salt
    -4-Hydroxycinnamic acid
    -4-(methylamino)benzoic acid
    -2-Cyanobenzyl chloride
    -Trifluoromethanesulfonic anhydride
    -Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid

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